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Thank you, SLCC Giving Day donors!

Together, we did it! We are deeply grateful for the generosity and support from everyone in the SLCC community for making SLCC’s first Giving Day a success.

We are especially thankful for our valuable community partners and our many SLCC friends and neighbors, including SLCC alumni, Board of Trustees, Alumni Leadership Council, Foundation Board, Planned Giving Advisory Council, Mountain America Credit Union, University Federal Credit Union and our own faculty and staff.

SLCC dedicated this day to help achieve its bold vision for the future. Your gifts support scholarships and programs that enable us to provide an exceptional college experience for our students. Our ambitious goal was to raise $100,000 and we exceeded that goal by raising $242,642.

Thank you for your commitment and continued support for SLCC’s first Giving Day. We look forward to your participation on National Random Acts of Kindness Day and SLCC’s second annual Giving Day on February 17, 2022!

To share our thanks and help you celebrate, we have created images that can be shared across digital platforms.

To make a difference in our students’ lives, educational pursuits, and hopes and dreams for the future, simply give now.



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